Predictive Lead Scoring Models That Actually Work

AI analytics driven lead scoring that creates real marketing value.

Marketing Automation Requirements for Predictive Lead Scoring

Put It Forward's Delphi AI solution benefits you with its built-in power analytics tools for the professional that give explicit data insights and an actionable funnel

Prioritize Leads Across Business

Connect the behavioral data across the enterprise platform from marketing, sales and service to feed the predictive lead scoring algorithm.

Time Based Buyer Journey Lead Scoring

Use the embedded machine learning to show how and what is affecting the lead scoring model over time.  The software solution gives you deep insight into what drives qualified leads.

What If Lead Nurturing Scenarios

Change the lead scoring inputs that you're working with to let the Delphi software tools choose the optimal path and outcome.  Simply select the criteria to include in the sales cycle and let the platform work.

Explainable Decisions Guide

Put It Forward Delphi is an open predictive lead scoring system.  You need to be able to demonstrate to others exactly why decisions are made within the software.

Analytics That Shape the Buyer Journey

Designed to be used by the professional that needs to include multiple types of data in their lead score models. Spanning marketing, sales and service types of activity.

  • Include engagement, sentiment and platform behavioral data in process to complete the lead scoring solution
  • Dynamicially adjust the input parameters to predict which lead nurturing activity is going to produce an effective result
Put It Forward Delphi AI Predictive Analytics

You Control With Rule Based Software

 Work directly with predictive lead scoring analytics model or the data scientists on your team to define which criteria the machine learning should consider.

  • Combine lead scoring with propensity models to direct your customer to the right solution everytime
  • View in the context of activity as it's embedded into other applications and points of use with Put It Forward Foresight


Learn More About How To Succeed With Put It Forward Delphi

Foresight - 360 Intelligence

Predictive lead scoring analytics and insights embedded into the software solution where your team does the most valuable work - in real time with the customer.

7 Steps to Closed Loop AI

Every predictive AI driven program has 7 core steps that need to be in place for success.  Find them here with the method to validate the conditions for success are present.

Scaling by AI Automation

Repeatable patterns for success to scale by automation and AI driven processes.  Learn from how we’ve managed to leverage these two concepts for readiness at scale.

“For me when our internal teams tried to replicate the Put It Forward technology that was when the pin dropped … these are really smart people”

Sarika Saoji - Marketing Platform Technologist

For us it was a no-brainer, how could we not have our team applications tied together via single sign on and centralized administration? Put It Forward solved this across our entire user base at huge scale”

Kristyn Cobstill - Project Lead

“What you just did for our productivity and how we work was magic - you guys are rock stars, I’m truly blown away"

Uma Asthana  - Director of Operations and Technology


Key Features

Put It Forward’s data intelligence network integrates all the data services needed to make AI driven decisions and processes possible.

No Code Configuration

Software that allows you to work directly with the AI predictive lead scoring model and not code.

Data Connectors

Hundreds of platform connectors to accelerate integration with all of your data sources and tools

See the Analytics Data

See and examine the lead scoring data before it goes to the next steps in your process. Keep control over the solution.

Data Platform Tools

Built-in solution tools that enable you to work with the data from anywhere on your business platform

Dynamic Modeling

Select different algorithm inputs to model possible outcomes for each buyer persona within Delphi

Embedded 360 Analytics

Predictive analytics dashboards embedded directly into the solution where people work to create understanding

In-flight Analytics Monitoring

Adjust and tune your predictive analytics lead scoring model to see how strong it is at any time.

Secure On-Premise Integration

Secure and seamless integration with enterprise software applications and solutions so value goes to all users

Patterns for Success

IDC Analyst Guidance


Informed Choices

Buy or Build


Digital Transformation


Case Study

6 Questions To Ask A Potential Partner


The Truth With Native Integration

Can You Afford It?


Best Practice Guidebook

Roadmap for Success


Solutions Templates

Best Practice Templates


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